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It is highly embarrassing for men for not being able to hold for the occasion and the problem can happen due to poor control over nerve to muscle signalling activated by the brain.
It is normal for men to feel low in energy when they are anxious or panic stricken. The problem of constant loss of strength can make them feel desperate and bewildered. This can happen due to venous leakage, where the blood flows out of the organ in a way as if pinched off. The condition can even be a low testosterone situation where the internal tissues of the organ, the nerves, the connective tissues and the testosterone balance is lost causing a situation of dryness.

Herbal Erection Oil

This is similar to the situation of atrophy where the body lose energy due to loss of moisture and flexibility. The poor flow of oxygen to the organ in sleep can lead to de-oxygenation, which is, basically, the reason for morning erection and in condition of poor oxygen flow, the organ beings to age, and it gets difficult to achieve long lasting erections. Low nitric oxide flow can also lead to such weakness of the organ.

Kesar or saffron is rich in bio compounds and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium etc., which can positively improve sperm morphology and also increase motility of sperm in infertile men. The herb has increased serotonin action on humans which can cure a range of symptoms related to the problem of poor stamina. The herb can enhance mood, reduce the symptoms of anxiety and is also effective in reducing the problem of blockages of blood vessels caused by excess cholesterol depositions in body organ.

50 mg of kesar stigma dissolved in milk, when taken two times a day for six weeks helps in reducing the problem of LDL and could improve condition of coronary artery disease. It is anti inflammatory and can cure injuries or damage to muscular tissues due to excess pressure. Chemically induced OCD in rats could be reversed by taking the herb extract to achieve long lasting erections. Herbal male enhancement oil – Overnight oil massage can help in improving blood circulation and reducing muscular tension to enhance oxygen flow. It improves mobility of the organ in various directions and saffron is one of its key ingredients.

Myristica Fragrans is another ingredient in the penis erection oil that has hepato protective activities and shows anti inflammatory effects on the skin. The methanol extract of the oil of the fruit has antioxidant and anti depressant activities on body. Mainly, the mixture of Myristica Fragrans and clove – that are part of the herbal oil that can cure the problem of debility to achieve long lasting erections. Clove oil has stimulating effects on mind and study on the oil show it can reduce toxicity of blood. The compound eugenol – one of the active ingredients of Myristica in the herbal male enhancement oil – Overnight oil can stimulate the blood flow. This has antioxidant stimulating activities and can improve immune system as well as purify platelets. Even its aroma can work as distressing agent and increase blood flow to the organ.


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