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How To Stay Longer In Bed And Increase Sex Time In An Effective Manner?

How long do you enjoy meaningful sexual pleasure with your partner? Average time of lovemaking is generally 5 to 7 minutes. On an average of 50% guys it lasts for just 2 minutes. It has been recorded that idle time period for lovemaking is between 1 to 25 minutes.

But as we can see on an estimate, 80% guys fail to pull it off. Well you have googled ‘how to stay longer in bed’ and increase sex time numerous times.Figuring out the true solution can be a pain in your ass and it might lead to anxiety and further detreating of your lovemaking life. There are numerous sites that have come up with innovative ideas and recommended capsules for improving lovemaking life. But most of them have failed to satisfy the need of the couples.

Needs of staying longer in bed:

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A good lovemaking life is beneficial for your mental health. It helps you to perform at superior level at workplaces and give extra effort to your work. You will be able to cope with lot of pressure which in general you might have shoved off. A good lovemaking life will fix insecurity for both you and your partner. So, you must have meaningful lovemaking with your partner so that it does not end up being the source of your insecurity.

Stop providing orgasmic pleasure to your partners. It is often seen that these periods which lasts no longer than 2 minutes kill the actual pleasure of long time lovemaking. So, men, get your habit right and do not rush into these aspects.

What needs to be done to prolong your time on bed?

1. Engage into serious talk with your partner to get this process right.

2. Perform Kegel exercises so that you have complete control over your ejaculation.

3. Use reverse Kegel actions as they help to slow down your approach towards ejaculation.

4. Do practice edging while you masturbate.

5. Do use several positions for edging yourself during lovemaking.

6. Try to calm yourself down with slow regular breathing process.

7. Stop practicing masturbation before you plan to share bed time with your partner.

How to stay longer in bed with Masti capsules and King Cobra oil?

Have you tried all the natural male sex enhancer pills and oil on how to stay longer in bed and increase sex time numerous times? Are you getting no positive results and feeling frustrated? Well don’t worry, because worrying does not lead you to any possible solution. Try Masti capsules to enhance your sexual pleasure. These capsules are made out of natural ingredients which are devoid of any significant side effects. Do not expect an overnight result and get yourself frustrated. Trust the brand and be patient. Regular intake for 4 of 5 weeks will start to yield many positive results. Your mental health will improve and you would be willing to spend more time with your better half on bed.

Besides using these natural last longer pills, massage your specific body parts with King Cobra oil. This oil will lubricate your sexual organs and increase sex time. Aromatic fragrance of it will relax both your and partner’s mood.


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