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Intake of harsh medication, exposure to chemicals (chemotherapies or radiations), alcohol abuse or smoking (habits which lead to liver disorders), intake of narcotics, excesses intake of recreational medicines and traumas to the male organs (e.g. testes which are connected to the pituitary in the brain) can cause imbalance of the endocrine flow leading to physical weakness and loss of power in conjugal activities.
This loss of strength can happen even due to stress or constant psychological pressure.

Musli Capsules Benefits

Normally people above 40 suffer from such conditions and this causes decrease in libido, mood changes, hair loss, weight problem (either gaining too much of weight or loss of weight), depression, loss of motivation and infertility. Men who don’t feel well without having any medical issue, or are feeling weaker and fatigued all the day – wishing to find out a safe cure to improve body stamina are mostly discouraged by the harsh chemical supplements that cause side effects, as most endocrine related medical conditions worsen with the intake of such harsh chemical formulas.

Endocrinologists admit that the problem of loss of energy in one-third of the cases happen due to low testosterone – where the levels are below normal. In certain other cases, the interlinked thyroid flow can cause it. Most men do not feel they are low in testosterone until they feel weakness in the reproductive functions. These conditions were previously less discussed, but now more men are open about low testosterone and low libido issues. To cure such kind of endocrine disruption and to fight chemical or toxins in body tissues, male stamina enhancer pills e.g. Musli Strong capsules can be taken which provide safe alternatives to improve body stamina.

Testosterone fluctuates throughout the day and the tests on T levels may not show proper results in certain conditions. Taking synthetic cure for low T – can have side effects because synthetic methods can cause overflow of T. In such conditions herbal ways offer the safest methods to enhance energy as it contains extracts from natural sources – which can prevent the level of T from going beyond control. Low testosterone T not just causes weakness and depression, it can have fatal impact.

Study finds it raises the risk of cardiovascular conditions. People having low T are fatter, have low HDL, and have higher triglycerides, high blood glucose and high blood pressure. These add to the unhealthy combination of factors and lifestyle issues – which can have strong impact on the body. Further, it affects the brain where the person may suffer from low memory, poor verbal memory and poor working memory. This reduces work efficiency at job and raises the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Natural male sex power booster Musli Strong capsules contain ingredients – a combination of black and white musli, which can improve the flow of T and also help in preventing depositions of bad cholesterol in body, while, the herbs helps in regulating blood glucose, triglycerides and blood pressure to keep these factor under control. The extract is aphrodisiac in nature and enhances the flow of androgens to improve body stamina.


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