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Herbal Supplements To Treat Erectile Dysfunction And Improve Erection Size

More than 20 million men in US suffer from the weakness of reproductive organs and they believe it to be caused by psychological issues, nevertheless, research in this field finds majority of conditions of ED or erectile disorders are caused due to physical reasons.

Disruption in the flow of blood across arteries caused by diabetes or blood pressure problem can hamper normal functions of the reproductive organs, diabetes being one of the major reasons for such weakness. 50 percent of the men with diabetes suffer from erection issues. Spinal cord injuries can lead to disruptions of the nerve pathways across the body from the brain and this can results in interruption of the reflex actions needed for proper erections. The body fails to identify stimulations and may not move, which can result in erectile disorders. One requires proper cure – certain chemical components to replenish the natural strength and to improve erection size.

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Certain natural ingredients possess properties to revive the power of body cells to prevent untimely aging. The bio-ingredients in the herbal extracts contain rare bio-components which have proved to be highly potent in reversing mitochondrial aging. Herbal male enhancement pills – involve the key ingredient shilajit which contain fulvic acids – having the properties to stimulate mitochondrial energy production mechanism. It can reverse oxidative damage to membranes caused by known or unknown sources e.g. chemicals in environmental, radiations, harmful foods or cleaning products etc. The bio-components in the extract shilajit can help in channeling the electron rich DBPs to support electron transfer in the body. This helps in electron shuttle needed for improving the flow of energy giving bio-components such as Co Q 10 which can speed up electron flow inside the mitochondria.

Herbal supplements to treat erectile dysfunction Mast Mood capsules contain Shilajit – which contain a phyto component dibenzo-a-pyrones – a reservoir of electrons and this helps in replenishing electrons lost to free radicals. The study on coenzyme Q 10 in a laboratory on mice found the level of Q 10 rose in liver, heart and kidneys as expected on taking shilajit, mainly, DBPs of the shilajit was able to augment the effect of replenishment of electrons in body by more than 25 percent in the liver.

This herbal extract in herbal erectile dysfunction treatment has been found to be especially effective in replenishing the lost energy of the body where the intake of shilajit was able to enhance exercise performance in human participants. The test on 76 people who took 200 mg of the extract for 15 days found the ATP level rose by 14 percent after exercising – which was equivalent to the ATP in people who had not exercised. The fitness score also improved by 15 percent without intervening with the exercising sessions. Various studies on energy output in human who were given shilajit found, the herbal supplements to treat erectile dysfunction Mast Mood capsules can improve erection size as it was able to enhance general body metabolism – in particular, it supported the functions of liver, kidneys and colon for improving energy production in body cells and this was also able to regulate the blood sugar levels.


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