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How To Increase Testosterone Levels And Male Energy Effectively?

Androgens are produced by glands and they work as messengers carrying information across the body through blood. These are essential for proper growth and testosterone T is responsible for the changes in body needed for reproductive functions.

T is made by testes and a small amount is produced by the adrenals. Testosterone T works as messenger from the pituitary to the testes and it is needed in adequate amount for the production of sperms.

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The pituitary and the hypothalamus of the brain control the production of the chemicals – which includes the LH and FSH – the two main messengers in the brain which directly acts on the testes. The deficiency of androgens in male body can happen due to injuries to the brain part responsible for the production of T or due to injuries to testes. There are plenty of clues which can tell if a guy is suffering from testosterone deficiency and to know how to increase testosterone levels or increase male energy, one should first identify these clues.

The problems of androgen deficiency can cause poor concentration, irritability, mood swings, low strength and poor drive while in adulthood this can cause loss of muscle strength, low semen volume and hot flashes. The symptoms also include osteoporosis – weakness of bones and decrease in libido. In men, the level of androgens is highest in the age from 20 to 30 and the reduction in level of T starts in thirties. Aging can be one of the factors which can damage the normal signaling process from brain to testes, and certain chronic illness such as diabetes and nerve weaknesses can even create such condition. Studies find the pituitary or testes diseases affect at least 1 in 200 men below the age of 60. Low T can interfere with conjugal activities and make a man incapable of enjoying physical relationship. It is very easy to find out how to increase testosterone levels as one can take natural cures to increase male energy.

Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules, natural testosterone enhancer supplements, which contain mucuna is very effective in enhancing the level of testosterone in healthy, infertile and diabetic men. The herb was tested as a treatment for male infertility where 75 healthy men and 75 infertile men when given the herb, dose 5 grams daily for three months, had a rise in the levels of LH and testosterone in infertile men to the level of healthy group and the regular intake of the herb was able to increase sperm count and motility.

Another study included the group of infertile men who were also suffering from stress. About 60 infertile men were included in the test group and the group was compared to 60 men (of same age) who were healthy – considering the parameters – sperm count, motility and other markers of reproductive functions. The study claimed the intake of the herbal extract was able to increase these parameters significantly and this helped to increase male energy. Various herbs in Musli Kaunch Shakti capsules, natural testosterone booster pills, along with Mucuna – prepared in specified way helps in providing the needed support to glands to enhance T flow in testes in a safe way to help counter many health issues including fatigue.


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